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September 2014 extension update

Sunday 7th September 2014


Autumn has arrived and with with the fog hanging over the hills around Corwen and a chill in the air, it was back to see the progress made on the platform at Corwen East.

Image2 Image1

The scaffolding for the ramp appears to be complete, save for the handrails and decking.

Image7 Image3

The landing section seen

in these two pictures.

Image5 Image6

Two views of the main platform.



Saturday 13th September 2014


Two views of the newly arrived volunteers "mess hut" otherwise known as the Chicken Dock now in place at the phase 2 site.

Another arrival to Corwen east next week will be this portacabin which has resided at Carrog station for the last couple of years and will undergo a makeover before being used as a temporary booking office/waiting room.


Meanwhile volunteers are busy cutting back the overgrown hedging next to the pavilion which will make the transporting of the portable cabin a lot easier next week when using this narrow road between the main carpark and the overspill carpark.

Thursday 18th sept 2014

Image11 Image12

By Wednesday the portacabin had arrived from Carrog station and was in place at the entrance to the platform as seen here late thursday afternoon and is receiving a coat of western region chocolate and cream paint.

The fine weather this month has certainly helped with the rapid progress to the platform.

Image13 Image14 Image15

By late thursday afternoon the volunteers had erected approximately 1/3 of the palings to the rear of the platform....quite a tedious job!

pic8 pic2 pic1 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic10


Sunday 21st September 2014

The platform decking and fitting out is expected to be completed within the next three weeks.

A day of special trains will be running towards the end of October for those who have purchased shares towards the extension.

On March 1 2015 there will be a Golden Fishplate Ceremony which will be attended by

some of the higher profile supporters and various dignitaries.


The Railcar 60 event October 4th-5th, will see half hourly departures from Llangollen and trains will be running as far as Colomendy which is within sight of the Temporary platform.

pic13 pic14 pic15jpg

A gauging run with 3802 to Corwen took place on Thursday 25th September.

These pictures were taken from the A5 road and one of the light engine returning to Carrog.

This is the Railway's largest engine in terms of cab profile and width across cylinders and is understood to have been a success.

pic16 pic17 pic18

Sunday 28th September saw another driver route familiarisation run along the extension and my mobile phone caught the railcar leaving Corwen heading back to Carrog station.

Progress has been made on affixing the wooden palings to the rear of the platform and is now almost complete.

The temporary station portacabin is looking all the better for its chocolate and cream paint job and now awaits it's internal fittings.


Above is the railcar as seen from below the platform....it must be noted that it's a pity that the palings pretty much obliterate the view of this or any other engine from the A5 road.