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September extension update

More progress from the extension as track has been laid through underbridge 27 and is now visible from the main A5 road. There have also been several deliveries of base ballast which is being stored west of overbridge 28.


Volunteers have been clearing the trackbed west of the sewage farm crossing. (ie phase 2) In the pic below left, looking west the concrete post you see is the mile post (minus its arms) at the junction between the two embankments. You can see this marked MP on the OS map elsewhere on this website.

Work is also ongoing on underbridge 29 where the concrete saddle is to be placed. A timber form-work has been installed enabling replacement brick arch courses to be built in and cured before the saddle is installed. This work is ongoing. You can just see the timber-work from the A5.

Image1 Image7 baseballast at brge28 bridge29 Image6 Image11 Image16 Image2

Two views of the Mile post recently uncovered during extensive clearing of this important section of trackbed.

Tracklaying this month saw enough panels laid to take the rail head through underbridge 27 and in sight of the entrance to Bonwm Halt.

Two views of underbridge 29 during refurbishment

A short distance of base ballast has been laid from bridge 28 back towards Bonwm.

At Corwen work has started on the flood plain scheme seeing underbridge 30 demolished to allow access for laying drainage pipes from the riverside and a road being prepared for both works access and a separate pathway for pedestrian access to the future nature reserve.

This work is expected to last for 40 weeks!

Image5 Image7 sewage access road

Two views of underbridge 30 at the start of demolition.

Above looking at the gap in the track bed which is used as access to the sewage works. A new access road is in the planning stage and will allow this gap to be filled in.

station site

Another look at the cleared trackbed where one day a proper Station will be built as part of phase 2 of the Corwen extension.

36 jan

Left showing the view from underbridge 27 in January 2012 and below the same view today.