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Corwen's Railway structures and maps

An early picture of the bridge with the train leaving Corwen and heading for Denbigh

(courtesy Ray Davis collection)

Ray_Davis_Corwen_Bridge_1000P Demolishing_Corwen_Bridge_2

Three remarkable pictures of the dismantling of the Railway bridge on the Corwen-Denbigh line (ex LNWR)

 Brian Cowlishaw

Demolishing_Corwen_Bridge_3 Demolishing_Corwen_Bridge_1 104-26

A rare picture of the Footbridge ( erected in 1867) which spanned the river Dee next to the Railway bridge.

rev M. Griffiths


Crossing the Bridge in 1897 is the District Engineer's inspection train. This illustrates the early phase of the bridge before the support plinths were concrete infilled.

(Bill Rear Collection)

corwen04 LNWRStnbuildings001-qpr

An LNWR sectional building similar to the first temporary Corwen Station. (see references in 'Rails to Corwen')

Note the pier in the foreground which is the remains of the original Footbridge. This can still be seen today from Green Lane roadbridge.

map of corwen 1899

With its joint station and through trains, goods yard traffic and buildings, numerous sidings, noise, high embankments and bridges, Corwen in its transport heyday was a truly 'Railway Town'.


The Denbigh, Ruthin and Corwen Railway (later the LNWR) reached Corwen before the Llangollen & Corwen Railway (later the GWR) in the Autumn of 1864 when they completed their final section from Denbigh. For a short period while awaiting the L&C to complete Corwen Station the DR&CR had used a temporary timber built station slightly to the east which opened on 6th October 1864. The Denbigh line was extended into Corwen Station in late 1865 and the connecting line inspected by the Board of Trade on 11th October 1865. It is not recorded when the temporary station closed.


Taken during the floods of 1963 with the Green Lane railway bridge in the background.

(Courtesy of Nigel Roberts).


Corwen Station looking west with the A5 overbridge in the background.

Looking towards the road bridge which can be seen in the background

vic bridge

A rare picture of the first town road bridge built in 1907, known as Victoria Bridge. This elegant steel arch and stone structure lay directly alongside (west) of the present day concrete and steel Green Lane bridge. The keen observer can still see the stubs of the original arch steelwork in the stone abutments. One of the latter has been utilized in recent times as a mounting for the River Authority's depth gauge.

Image2 victbrge bridge stub-qpr

Old bridge stub as can still be seen next to the River Authority's depth gauge.


GWR-logo Corwen_Albumen_1888_b Corwen_from_north_1905 Corwen_A5_Bridge_(3) (1)-qpr Corwen near to down distant signal

Picture left is a train leaving Corwen near the distant signal from the Ruthin area.

Taken from where the Leisure Centre is now sited. The road bridge is of course now filled in.