Corwen Station

Promoting the town of Corwen -

 its rich history and its Railway


Old scenes of Corwen

corstreet corwen0002-qpr corwen0001-qpr corwen0003-qpr corwen main street

The square Corwen 1950.

Many of the subjects in the picture are identifiable. For example the Rover car (centre background) belonged to the Butcher, the vehicle left background was the Post Van. The lady directly under the Owain Glyndwr hotel sign was a teacher in the local primary school.


This picture of the old cinema before it closed down and became a super market before it too closed and became a hardware store was sent to us without any copyright details.

old corwen

An undated picture showing the building in the centre which was rebuilt in the 1920's and became the National Westminster Bank.


A selection of old pictures of Corwen scanned from the book "Cofio Corwen"

corwen layout

An interesting scan of a layout of Corwen in the 1950's showing the various shops and buildings that have now vanished, yet on the surface the town looks like it has never changed in all that time...apart from the Railway.

001 002

Alternatively you can save (right click and save image as) the above two halves and once you open them you can zoom in for a much closer look.


Many thanks to the local contributor.