Corwen Station

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October 2014 Extension Update

October got off to a fine start with Railcars running along the extension as far as Colomendy which is just short of the temporary platform, during the Railcar 60 event weekend.

The platform is in the final stages of being erected with the access ramp now receiving its decking.

The scene is almost set for later this month when the platform and Corwen will be ready for the first passengers who have generously donated to the extension fund.

Image2 Image5

Two railcars seen on the Bonwm stretch and leaving Colomendy curve.

October 18th 2014

Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 Image10

Saturday morning and a final look at the completed temporary platform before next Wednesday 22nd and the return of passenger trains to Corwen.

Three trains will arrive at the platform :-

11.35am  1.44pm and 3.54pm with a 10 minute stop over.

The weather looks set to be windy with light rain that day but that won't dampen the spirits of those dedicated volunteers who have made this possible, along with those generous donors who get their reward of being on the 1st passenger train to Corwen in 50 years!

This brings to an end the extension updates for Phase 1 so all future updates will be for the Phase2 station proper as and when they happen.

As previously mentioned, the platform has a 2 year life before it will be dismantled so please donate to the Phase 2 extension fund and lets get those volunteers building us a proper terminus for the railway.