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Corwen extension update 4th/5th October 2013

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A cloudy Friday afternoon at the site of the Corwen flood plain scheme.

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The access road for the Sewage works looking quite muddy.

Above pics illustrating  what was underbridge 30 which was recently demolished to gain access to the riverside where pipe work will be installed.

It will take 300 tonnes of soil/infill to bridge this gap......which should be within the next week.


Nearby is under bridge 29 which now awaits its brickwork to be renewed.


The site of the future nature reserve seems to have had some intense clearing this past week. All the wild flowers have disappeared.

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Bridge 28 has seen scaffolding erected on both sides and more base ballast has been laid back towards Bonwm within the last few days.

Hopefully we will see more track laying soon!


Newly stored drainage pipes in front of the railway embankment

Looking at the new works access road

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Looking at the gap in the trackbed where underbridge 30 was sited.

Looking left and the riverside works.


A closer look at underbridge 29

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The site for Phase 2 of the Corwen extension.


Approaching the newly cleared area for the Phase 2 station site.

With its wide trackbed and closeness to the adjacent Carpark, this is a perfect location for the end of the Llangollen line.


Looking left from the trackbed and the Corwen running in board in the Carpark - supplied and installed by Friends of Carrog Station and as a close replica of the original BR era stands out as a Heritage item in stark contrast to its surroundings.


Looking back towards Carrog and the trees on the left is the junction where the track veered off towards Ruthin on the LNWR branch.


After the hard work and effort from several volunteers clearing this section of track bed, let's hope this momentum can be kept up and sight not lost of the fact that the temporary platform is just that...... there for a limited time and only having to be built in the first place because the access road to the sewage plant had severed the trackbed.

Sort out a new access road and give the people of Corwen and future travellers on this railway a proper station site to be proud of A.S.A.P.

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The 2nd week of October saw the first panel laid in front of Bridge 28.

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The site of the demolished bridge 30 and picture right showing the pipework now laid through the  filled in gap.