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Saturday 2nd November 2013

The start of a busy month for the Corwen extension



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Work continues at underbridge 29 with the rebuilding of the parapets.

Image6 Image7

Two views in either direction of the newly erected fencing which runs along side the embankment in front of the future station site.

Saturday 9th November 2013

bat box

Local contractors Davies Brothers of Llangollen are still busy repairing Bridge 28.

High up on the side of Bridge 28 a bat box has been installed to assist these nocturnal mammals.

Pointing of the brickwork continues and repositioning of the coping stones back on top of the bridge will follow soon.  


track1 track2 track4 tracka1

Track laying progresses at a pace back towards Bonwm and now in full view from the A5 road..

Once joined to existing track, work can continue heading through Bridge 28 and onwards to Corwen.

Pictures show the volunteers having just arrived on site.

The Gated entrance from Corwen Car park

This field is being transformed with newly planted trees and bushes into a pleasant walkway towards what will be the Temporary station site and is a credit to all the people involved.

This project has so much potential for both town and railway - one wishes that this whole area could become one big communal garden for the community to enjoy.

Sunday 10th November 2013

pic1 pic5 pic6 pic7 pic9 pic10

Following on from Saturday and a return to check on the progress made. Track laying has moved a step closer towards Bonwm. With the sun so low in the sky at this time of year, it's difficult to take decent pictures at this location. The top two were taken from the B5437 Carrog - Corwen road with the sun directly in front of me.

Thursday 14th November 2013

bridgeview1 bridgeview3

The following few pictures taken with permission from both sides of Bridge 28 with the tracklaying gang back in action on another wet and windy day.

bridgeview4 tracklayers1 ppathway1 tracklayers2 tracklayers4

What a treat it will be next spring/summer when passengers use this landscaped walkway to and from the platform. It will be a great first impression.

image7 image8 ppathway3

Work still continues at overbridge 28. The capping stones are still to be repositioned but as seen there has been a lot of repointing of the brickwork.

image3 image4 image5

As seen from the A5 road, the current limit of track laying and the straight stretch of track between bridge 28 and Bonwm. A perfect location to view future trains and only a half mile outside of Corwen itself.


Left is the location of the Temporary platform seen from the A5 and right is underbridge 29 still undergoing repairs.

The newly laid fencing has now been extended to this bridge.

Friday 22nd November 2013

Late Friday afternoon as the sun is setting after a fine but cold winters day and the latest pictures of the extension progress which is now a panel or two away from crossing underbridge 28 and edging ever closer to Bonwm where it will join up with the track already laid.

Image2 Image3 Image1

Sunday 24th Nobember 2013

p1030355-qpr p1030357-qpr picture1 picture2

The dedicated track laying gang were out in force once again, working steadily eastwards towards underbridge 28.


A freezing cold start to Saturday morning and volunteers are arriving for another days track laying. They have now reached the half way point between Bridge 28 and Bonwm but hopes are high for reaching the railhead at Bonwm by Christmas.

Saturday 30th November 2013

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A couple of hours later and after thawing myself out I returned to see more progress as sleepers were being laid out in readiness and others busy with pads and clips.

Seen below, Graham Hoyland makes light work of positioning sleepers with the road railer.

Image3 Image10 Image11 Image7 Image9 Image6

At Bridge 28 two further panels have been laid and will soon be seen from the A5 road as it emerges from the cutting.