Corwen Station

Promoting the town of Corwen -

 its rich history and its Railway


November 2014 update

A trip to Corwen from Carrog and back was my first chance to experience the extension a week after passenger services commenced.

nov1 nov2

The clamour to photograph the engine from the access ramp.

This is quite a narrow ramp and people with wheelchairs are going to find it difficult to navigate round the hordes of picture takers as I witnessed today.

In between trains the platform is a very tranquil place. Recently Phil Coles, a volunteer signalman from Banbury installed 15 light units at the rear of the platform and on the portacabin.

The fogmans hut has now been removed and will find a new use nearby as an electrical storage unit.


Well its better than nothing but hardly competes with the running board still sited in the entrance to the car park....This is the station so let's have it here so as not to confuse visitors where the station is.


A poorly located timetable for passengers! Could visitors not have a notice board with train times placed closer to the entrance to the access ramp?


Sunday 9th November which is rememberance Sunday will be the last time trains will run to Corwen till 26th December and the start of the mince pie specials.

nov10 nov13

The footpath at the station entrance is now nearing completion.

This is however connected up to the main footpaths from the car park.