Corwen Station

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 its rich history and its Railway


Thursday 27th March 2014

Late thursday afternoon and there has been more progress on the extension as the track laying gang edge ever closer to Corwen with just a quarter of a mile of track to lay. Wednesday saw a delivery of sleepers and two more panels laid, and today they had laid another four and were one panel shy of the claim that rails had been laid into Corwen town after 46 years since being lifted!

Hopefully with another delivery of ballast due, by saturday evening they will be well in sight of the temporary platform and hopes are high to have laid track through to the buffer stop at the temporary platform within the next 7-10 days.

Image48 Image49

Saturday 29th March 2014


Late Saturday morning and the track laying gang are once again in full swing as they move to within a few panels of underbridge 29 which is sited next to the eastern edge of the platform to be.

Image1 Image2 Image11

The short distance to go to reach underbridge 29, seen on the left of the above picture!

Image14 Image10 Image3

Slightly zoomed in looking east across the platform site and the track layers are just in sight.


Looking in the opposite direction towards the phase 2 site.                                  


Track is now being laid inside Corwen Town!

Sunday 30th March 2014


Following on from yesterday's track laying I returned to Corwen and took the following pictures.

The view towards Bridge 28 given the retro look and the platelayers hut looking ready to collapse.

Image21 Image20

A delivery of ballast arrived during Saturday and looks to have held up progress with the track laying.


As of 2nd April track has been laid through under bridge 29 with a mere 300 feet to lay again through the platform site.

Image23 Image17