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A little of the beautiful countryside that the new extension will go through.

Corwen extension latest news

Below are some of the latest pictures on the extension taken in June/July.

While waiting for track laying to re-start it is nice to see the wild flowers and all the greenery closing in around the track bed.

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The entrance to the station site reminding the public it is now off limits for walkers.


Three views of under bridge 29 which has been receiving some attention recently

and is required to be rebuilt to allow access to a nature reserve on the riverside.

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The Llangollen Railway Trust (LRT) is pleased to announce the award of a £59,074.00 Cyfenter grant for the provision of the phase 1 station at Corwen.


Announcing the outcome of the successful application for funds to Corwen community and business leaders, LRT Chairman, Jim Ritchie, said the award will allow the Railway to go out to tender for work to be undertaken on the installation of concrete foundations for the platform at the phase 1 station site, to be known by a bi-lingual name as: Dwyrain Corwen East.


The platform timber sections will be constructed in the Railway’s own workshops and will be delivered to the station site for erection once track is in place later this year.


Looking at the prospects for further track extensions, Jim Ritchie said that the rail head would shortly be extended to the location at Bonwm Bends. There after, once base ballasting is complete, track will extend towards bridge 28A near Plas Derwen. Repairs to the brick arch of this over bridge will be undertaken by contractors. It was envisaged that track laying will continue beyond the bridge into the station site during the autumn of 2013.


However, Jim Ritchie also noted that there were potential impediments to this schedule. In particular, the need to rebuild under bridge 29 to allow pedestrian access to the site of a nature reserve on the north side of the Dwyrain Corwen East site and, also, for under bridge 30 to be incorporated into Denbighshire County Council’s Corwen Flood Relief scheme, at the western end of the station site. Completion of both of these schemes was a priority need if work on the station was to proceed to schedule.


In addition, the Llangollen Railway Trust still needs to raise funds to complete the Phase 1 project. Thanks to the grant aid, some recent generous donations and other fund raising activities, an estimated £78,000 is now required to match fund the project, much of which would be needed to ballast the extended track before trains can operate.


Subject to these needs being met, Jim Ritchie announced that the first train for invited guests and supporters would arrive at Dwyrain Corwen East on 1st March 2014, appropriately St David’s Day.


Llangollen Railway Trust Chairman Jim Ritchie said, “The Railway is delighted to be awarded the European Regional Development Fund Cyfenter grant aid that will allow the construction of Dwyrain Corwen East station in the next few months.”

Above looking towards a future nature reserve.

ducks cows pic1 pic2 bonwm farm long shot

Seen left is a pic taken from 3/4 mile away on the hillside overlooking Carrog and shows the current limit of the extension at Bonwm Farm with the stop board just visible in the bottom left hand side.