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July 2014 Extension Update


This picture was taken from the A5 and shows work in progress ahead of installing the temporary platform.


The toad brake van rests on the last of the track to be laid for phase 1.

Image5 Image6

        Work is underway for the temporary platform. The pedestrian route to the nature reserve seen to the left has also been prepared.


Underbridge 29 which will be used as access to the nature reserve.

Looking west from Bonwm and Bridge 28 can be seen in the distance.


The footpath from the car park has had a top coat and a second higher level path has been laid.

dscf3202-qpr dscf3213-qpr

The last two weeks has seen the start of 1,000 tonnes of new stone from the quarry at Penmaenmawr being delivered to Carrog station and then dropped on the track between Bridge 28 and the eastern edge of the temporary platform site in Corwen.

The final few panels have also been laid taking the railhead up to the gate which is ajacent to the sewage plant access road.

Corwen Extension Update July 22nd

- welding up all rail joints that sit over bridges and culverts.


- dropping 1200t of ballast obtained new from Penmaenmawr quarry, with the 03 the ballast wagons and Shark plough brakevan.


- Boxing off ballast to form an even ballast shoulder throughout.


- Eliminating the remaining 30 or so snagging items from the original list of 86.


- Installing a timber ballast support wall along the cess edge in the Phase 1 station platform area.


- Extending the track through to a buffet stop located at the end of the embankment at the WW access road cut through.


- Jacking, packing and slewing the track to get it near to design alignment and level throughout ready for tamping.


- Cutting back encroaching vegetation.


- Installing remainder of the level crossing decking.


- Completing culverts 25FF and 25G with spillway pipework down from the A5 highway gulley outlets.


- Installing handrails formed from secondhand point rodding to culverts 28C and 28D.


-Installing whistleboards and signage.


- Tidying up areas of fencing at corners of bridge wingwalls where repairs have now all been completed.


- Finishing off painting of the steel underbridges.


- Delivering the Plasser '07' Tamper to Llan from its home at the Midland Railway Centre in Butterley.


- Commencing tamping works on site.


- Obtaining quotes for erecting a temporary scaffolding platform and gearing up to install it on site in parallel with/as soon as possible after track tamping.


- Acquiring and delivering to site supplies of readily available secondhand materials that have been offered to the Project for the Phase 2 runround loop and platform, and completing the design of the permanent Phase 2 station ready for cost estimating and grant funding applications.

Below is a comprehensive list of jobs tackled since the last update. As noted below, the Tamper has been delivered to the Railway and hopefully will be put to work in the next day or so. The accompanying pictures show the ballast support recently installed on the trackbed at the temporary platform site.

The volunteers cannot be praised highly enough for their total commitment to this project so far, but you can help by becoming a working volunteer or donating to the phase 2 project via this site.

Image10 Image11 Tamper

The Tamper seen at work between Bridge 28 and Bonwm 29th July working from the temporary platform site back towards Bonwm. It is expected to complete the task by the end of the week.

tamped track at bonwm 1 tamped track at bonwm2

Above two pics show the recent tamped trackbed at Bonwm halt on 31st July.

As of the end of July, the Tamper has made one run on the new extension and will return within the next two weeks as a few places on the track require topping up with ballast.

Grosvenor Scaffolding of Bagillt are expected on site next week to begin erecting the scaffolding for the temporary platform which should take two weeks to complete.

bonwm halt

Bonwm Halt seen from the A5 road.... undated but thanks to Edgar Jones for allowing it to be displayed here.