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 its rich history and its Railway


 1. In the decades following the ‘Beeching’ closures, instead of being saved for the Restored Llangollen and Corwen Railway (1975) the original road accessible Station and Yard complexes were divided up and sold off for development (see maps and pictures). The track-bed was severed in two places. The Corwen Central Project Team is now faced with the task of building a completely new station where none existed before. The site identified under the 2011 Works Order is the old railway embankment some 400 yards east of the original Station. Readers will note the readiness of the extended car and coach parks, public toilets, bus route hub, historic town square and A5 trunk road junction all adjacent to the new Corwen Central Station site.

2. Due to the location, major ground-works are required including widening of the original formation, entrance subway with stair-well, easy access path, floodplain compensation and island platform. Completion of the new sewage works road by Welsh Water will allow the the gap in the formation to be filled and reinstatement of the railway track to proceed to completion. Please refer to the monthly progress reports in the Updates Section.

3. To achieve the earliest possible re-opening of steam train services to Corwen a temporary station was built (opened October 2014) 700 yards east of the original station..

4. For further background information refer to items in the Corwen Extension section (see top of the page) for example the ‘Corwen Connection’.

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