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March 1st and also St Davids Day here in Wales started with some much needed sunshine. Out on the extension was a good number of volunteers who were once more clearing vegetation and cutting trees before the next stint of track laying which is expected to be in around 12 days time, once more ballast and sleepers arrive on site. Anyone passing by at 11.30am would have been treated to the sight of 03 shunter complete with ballast hoppers ambling along the extension up to bridge 28.

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March extension update

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Four years apart and the telegraph pole is distinct in both pictures.

Friday 7th March 2014


A visit to the area between the station site and bridge 28 on a late sunny Friday afternoon.

Sleepers have been deposited along the edge of the track bed at the platform site and it seems that the track will now be laid before the platform is built.

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The end is in sight but your donations are still very much needed to complete the final mile to Corwen, so do consider assisting the project.

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Sunday 9th March 2014

Notable additions on the extension since Friday are the hand rails being installed at underbridge 29 and the bridge over the new water channel. Both bridges will provide access to the nature reserve in the future.

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Looking from beyond the platform site and the recent warm weather has helped dry out the fields and the access path from the car park. Seen in the distance is the site for the phase 2 station site which hopefully we won't have to wait too many months before it becomes a reality.

Thursday 13th March 2014


No track laying on this fine early spring day, but as seen, the recent delivery of base ballast has been spread on the track bed for a good number of yards towards Corwen in readiness for what will hopefully another day of track laying on Saturday.

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More tree felling and burning at the platform site.

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The big clear up at the flood plain site has begun and is expected to take six weeks.

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Sunday 23rd March 2014

With the Road-Railer back in action after undergoing repairs, the track laying gang wasted no time and today we are rewarded with the sight of 10 newly laid  panels as track moves ever closer to Corwen and the Temporary platform.

It is 50 years this year since the line closed,

but Corwen is indeed beginning to feel like a railway town once more.

Your donations are still very much needed to see trains running to Corwen later this year and indeed to the final phase 2 terminus.....please help!

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This will be a great location for train watching (from the A5 road) and is sure to be popular with photographers too.

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Two views taken from the A5 road next to Bridge 28

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