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January 11th 2014

Saturday morning and some winter sunshine enabling me to bring you more pictures from the extension.


Bridge 28 shown with new fencing erected. The scaffolding is still in place and so no further track laying till it is removed.


Looking east towards Carrog and the view is opened up with the recent tree and vegetation clearing.


Underbridge 29, just outside of Corwen with its newly built parapets.


A welcome sight..... contractor Arwel Dolben and his JCB clearing the area where the Temporary platform will be built.

pic9 pic7 pic5 pic6

Volunteers seen doing some ground work at the site of the Temporary platform.

Pictures taken from the station site showing the muddy conditions surrounding it.


More volunteers arriving to assist in tree and vegetation clearing.

17th- 19th January 2014

Late Friday afternoon with the sun setting, I returned to the station site where the contractors were finishing after another day preparing the footings for the temporary platform. This platform will be approximately 300ft in length with a sloping ramp at the Corwen end and will accommodate five coaches. Work on the footings should be completed in the next week. The scaffolding has now been removed from bridge 28, which will allow track laying to continue...pending further deliveries of ballast and sleepers.

pic13 pic14

Of course it would be nice if trains were running to Corwen on March 1st,

but realistically it doesn't look likely as there is so much work left to do.

The work involved in building the temporary platform alone is immense.

We still need to purchase more ballast and sleepers so please do consider helping us by donating whatever you can afford.


The results of the latest round of vegetation clearance on Saturday can be seen


Above and below, then and now contrast 3 years apart.

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Friday 24th January 2014


Another look at the ongoing work at the site of the flood plain scheme in front of the railway embankment. Below is seen the new bridge for public access to the future nature reserve and the tractor is sitting approximately where the buffer stop will be. Picture below right looking in the opposite direction.

Drilling under the main road to the back of The Royal Oak pub is completed and now pipes can be laid before work continues up the hill towards Penpigyn and the reservoir.

Image2 Image3 Image16 Image5

Not for the first time since this walkway from the Carpark was created has this area been flooded, one hopes that the drainage will be improved before too long.


Above is a panoramic view of the platform taking shape now that the contractors have finished digging the 66 platform footings and filling them with concrete.

An impressive sight for those passing on the A5 main road.

Image11 Image13

Vegetation clearing and burning has continued at bridge 28 and the results are impressive indeed!

Track laying has paused while awaiting further deliveries of ballast, but there are enough materials on site to lay track up to the bridge.

Once again Please help by donating to the extension fund and a big thank you to those who have already.

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Peter Dickinson spotted the Railway's '03 shunter passing Bonwm on Thursday 30th in preparation for works on the extension.