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Extension update February 2nd 2014


After Saturday's efforts by volunteers, I made another trip to Corwen to record the results. The track is now laid through Bridge 28 and awaits further deliveries of sleepers and ballast. 

feb2 feb3 feb4 feb5

A truly portable portaloo:)

More trees and vegetation have been removed to provide even better views from the roadside.

Looking back towards Bonwm.


The view from the A5 road


I wasn't expecting to see workmen on a Sunday but with permission I took the following pictures at the flood relief site.

feb7 feb8

Pictured left is a 'separator', which removes the gravel etc from the tunnel which has now been drilled under the road and through to the back of the Royal Oak pub and is then collected in a dumper truck as seen below.

New 1500mm pipe sections will be laid and this is expected to be completed in the next 2 weeks. The big clean up can start then.

feb10 feb11

The view looking towards Corwen and the trackbed awaiting base ballast.

Looking east towards bridge 28 and a good vantage spot for viewing the trains.

This chamber is where the drilling started and it's path controlled by use of an infrared camera as it wormed its way between the old police station and the wesleyan chapel and under the main A5 road.

This extension project need your help.

We all want to see trains in Corwen sooner rather than later, so please assist by donating.

Friday 7th February 2014


A late afternoon visit to the temporary platform via a very muddy ankle deep flood plain site produced the following few pictures.


feb17 feb18 feb19 feb20

A layer of fine gravel has been spread on the trackbed making walking that much easier and is now looking more railway-like.

feb21 feb22 feb23

Two views in either direction from underbridge 29.

This is where the spot where the public will enter underbridge 29 when visiting the future nature reserve,

Looking towards bridge 28 and a short section has received a layer of base ballast.

It's nice to see that the eyesore "Tardis" has been removed at last from the area.


Sunday 16th February 2014

Sunday morning started off dry and sunny so another trip was in order along the extension.

Deliveries of sleepers are due to arrive in the next ten days which should bring the rail head forward by six or so panels by 1st March when a works train is planned to run on the extension to the rail head.

Image1 Image4 Image5

Looking in both directions on Bridge 28 and the winter sun just doesn't climb high enough in the sky to brighten these two pictures.

Work is still ongoing with tree felling and has to be completed before track laying can continue.

Image6 Image7 Image8

The track bed at the platform site has had more base ballast laid and seems likely that the platform will have to be built on-site rather than at Llangollen due to the unevenness of the ground and before track is laid.

The view from the embankment is now looking more like a boating lake than a pathway from the Carpark due to the recent wet weather.

Thursday 27th February 2014


Lunch time on Thursday 27th and the sun is still shining in the hour or so before the heavens opened with rain and hail. The volunteers were out once more and as seen from the pictures there was evidence of burning vegetation but no track laying although a load of sleepers had been delivered earlier in the week.

Image5 Image6 Image9

Unfortunately no trains through to Corwen just yet but we will have the 03 shunter running as far as it can towards Corwen on Saturday and hopefully will see some progress with the track laying.