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This months pictures illustrate the trackbed after tree felling was completed, along with another look at Bridge 28 which is now fenced off and under repair. Rails distributed along the trackbed right through the temporary platform site.

April 2013 update

bonwmpan temp plat Image8-thmb bridge 28c. Image3 Image7 Image13 towardtemp plat2

After a 12 month break, preparation work begins on extending towards Corwen. Unlike last time where a lot of the work was out of sight of the public....this time the majority will be visible from the A5 road thus bringing it more readily to the public eye .

On Friday afternoon (12.4.13) the following pictures were taken showing lengths of rail now placed alongside the trackbed towards bridge 28. The recently hired in JCB load-all fork lift (to speed up progress) can be seen beginning the task of moving the stack of sleepers further up the line towards Corwen. Lorries of washed (recycled) ballast from Crewe will soon be appearing at Bonwm which will allow the tracklayers to bring the Railhead forward to bridge 26, a short distance from Bonwm Halt.

Image4 Image5 Image8 Image10 Image3

Tuesday 16.4.13

 Late Tuesday afternoon and The JCB has been busy moving more pairs of rails up the line to just beyond bridge 28 which contracter Arwel has removed the top surface, readying it for a layer of crush and run which was delivered earlier that day. The next week should see the last stack of rails moved from Bonwm Farm and attention can then turn to laying track to enable the stop block to come forward to bridge 26.

Image10 Image9 Image1

Thursday 18.4.13

Work has continued with Dave on the JCB Load-all laying pairs of rails along the trackbed and Reg Thomas on hand assisting with unloading. They have now reached the newly installed culvert and almost in sight of the future platform. This time consuming job should be completed within the next few days and then the sleepers can be placed along side them ready for future tracklaying. Meanwhile bridge 28 is now being resurfaced and waterproofed  as per the picture.

Image8 Image3 Image4 Image15 Image9

Rails in Corwen

Rails have arrived in Corwen after an interval of 45 years. Sterling work by Dave and Reg has seen pairs of rails moved through the site of the future platform. The rest of the sleeper stack will follow next week.

Image1 Image7 Image6 Image4

It has been a busy month and to end this months update is a welcome picture....The last pair of rails to be distributed from the stack at bonwm farm.