Corwen Station

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 its rich history and its Railway


December 1st 2013

The latest views of the track which is now in sight of the railhead at Bonwm. 

The track laying gang have reached the limit of base ballast laid.

dec1 dec3 dec2 dec4

Looking west with the River Dee close by on the right hand side.

Looking west again with the A5 road out of sight on the left.

A slightly zoomed in view making the rail head at Bonwm seem a little closer.

Looking east with Bonwm in the distance.


Once the railhead is reached and repairs to bridge 28 completed, there will only be a half mile of track to lay to reach Corwen and its temporary platform (that is still waiting to be built) Hopes are to lay this by the end of January 2014.

                Saturday 7th December 2013

dec7 dec8 dec9 dec10

Saturday morning and the track layers are back to continue laying the final ten or so panels which will join up with existing track. Enough base ballast has now been laid to achieve this

Work is expected to be completed by Christmas, followed by a break while funds are raised to purchase more sleepers for the final half mile from overbridge 28 into Corwen.

Friday 13th December 2013

dec12 dec13

Looking at the sewage plant access road running from right to left through the embankment and the new walkway from the Car park behind.

Once upon the embankment and looking right there can be seen the newly built head walls and open ditches stretching out towards the Pavilion in the distance.

dec14 dec15 dec13a dec13b

More head walls being built near to the pavilion.

Looking left from the same spot and a new Manhole Chamber has been built by the outflow pipes to the river.

A closer view of the Manhole Chamber.

dec16 dec17

Pipes have been laid and buried from left to right in this picture and work will start now on drilling underground and laying pipes, passing the chapel in the centre of the picture, under the main road and behind the Royal Oak Hotel before heading up towards Penpigyn.

Before work starts on drilling underground, this chamber has to be drained and seen here is the water table level....no wonder flooding occurs regularly each winter. This chamber is 9 metres in depth and is the starting point for the drilling which will take around 2 weeks to complete.

Happy to pose for the camera are the friendly workmen who will be responsible for this underground drilling.

Meanwhile on the extension there is more progress as overbridge 28 has had the capping stones replaced and now just awaits new fencing to be erected.

Work on the flood plain scheme is advancing ahead of schedule with the mild weather of late and it is hoped that contractors will have moved away from the railway's embankment by mid January 2014 which will allow access for deliveries of ballast and hopefully work can then start on the temporary platform.

dec18 dec19 dec21 dec22

Track laying has now advanced to within 4 panels of joining up with the railhead at Bonwm.

The exciting part will be when track laying commences for the final half mile east towards Corwen, starting from bridge 28.

....once funds are raised for more sleepers and ballast.

dec23 dec24


dec25 Bonwm_Halt_and_A5

As it is and how it was!

Sunday 15th December 2013

dec27 dec28 dec26

The sun hadn't woken up when I took these pictures, hence their quality....but the track layers have almost completed their task with just a panel and a bit to go after Saturdays stint.

Hopefully the gap will be closed by the end of this coming week.


What a difference three years makes!


Friday 20th December 2013

Another early morning visit to Bonwm to photograph what everyone has been looking forward to seeing....the connection made to the existing track, bringing the total length of the line to 9.5 miles long with a further half mile to follow.

A big cheer for the volunteer tracklayers!

dec32 dec33 dec31 dec35

Before the chamber was built.