Corwen Station

Promoting the town of Corwen -

 its rich history and its Railway

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Site of the temporary platform


Seen above is a view from the garden of Edge House - Bron-y-Graig in April 2011 overlooking the volunteers clearing trees at the site of the future temporary platform.

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Picture left showing Jocelyn Davies AM, the Deputy Minister for Housing and Regeneration,

 Hugh Evans, Leader of Denbighshire County Council and members of the Llangollen Railway Trust at the site of the temporary platform on 16/3/2011 .

Picture right, Cutting the first sod, thus marking the start of the long awaited extension, while Bill Shakespeare looks on.

Corwen Extension Phase 1 2011

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Above pic shows the site of the temporary platform, and left pic shows the view looking the opposite direction towards Carrog 26/3/11

Formal unveiling of the Corwen running in board December 2011

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As part of the Corwen Christmas Festival event the recreation of the Corwen railway station sign was unveiled on Saturday, 18th December.


The sign, measuring ten feet by two feet, has been recreated to traditional Great Western Railway standards by the 'Friends Of Carrog' at Carrog station and has been erected on pillars in a prominent position alongside the pathway from the car park to the town square.


Invited guests and the townsfolk gathered to hear Llangollen Railway Chairman, Jim Ritchie, summarise the history of the railway's coming and ending in the 100 years between 1864 and 1964. He referred to the prospects for it coming back by the end of 2012 and pointed to the location of the Phase 1 temporary platform to the east of the car park.

Volunteers are already at work clearing the old trackbed and preparing to lay rails as part of the extension project.