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 its rich history and its Railway


It is a fact that without the the exceptional work of a few dedicated volunteers on our bridges culverts and drainage we would have no Corwen Extension.

 Here we take a look at the different bridges between  Carrog and Corwen as they were in 2007.

(Thanks to Steve Jones Civil Engineer for the Pictures)



A look back at Bonwm Halt as it was in 2007

bonwm-corwen_13102007_005-qpr bonwm-corwen_13102007_008-qpr

Underbridge 28 in 2007

Overbridge 28 in 2007


Overbridge 28 clad in Ivy and deteriorating brickwork.

bonwm-corwen_13102007_012-qpr bonwm-corwen_13102007_017-qpr bonwm-corwen_13102007_021-qpr

Underbridge 29 looking very forlorn and unkempt back in 2007.


A close up picture showing the rapidly deteriorating brick work on bridge 28.

Bridge 26 Abutment repair completion Photos 2014

20140125_121451-qpr 20140125_121412-qpr 20140125_121344-qpr

Pictures taken after Mike Williams had carried out the abutment repair work on Bridge 26. Phil Carson's repair of the handrails and the volunteer painting of the parapets.

Bonwm to Corwen bridge repair photos from 2013.


Bridge 28 - complete de-veging, removing large trees and ivy tap roots growing extensively through the arch barrel and spandrel walls, waterproofing the roadway over the bridge, extensive rebuilding and stitching of the arch barrel, low pressure pointing and grouting of loose brickwork in the arch barrel, complete repointing and rebuilding of all other stonework to effectively give a new bridge.

20131124_115442-qpr 20131124_120710-qpr

Underbridge 28 - de-veging and removal of trees growing through the wingwalls, rebuilding stonework on the abutments and wingwalls, bitumen waterproofing the bridge deck, cleaning and painting the steelwork.


carrog_to_corwen_18092013_011-qpr carrog_to_corwen_24092013_002-qpr Carrog_to_Corwen_24092013_007

Bridge 29 - complete de-veging, removing all tree and ivy roots, rebuilding missing and loose brickwork under the arch through the use of temporary timber centering and timber wedges to hold the brickwork in place whilst defective areas were cut out and replaced, installation of a fibre concrete waterproofing and strengthening oversaddle, complete rebuilding and repointing of all external brickwork and both parapet upstand walls.


carrog bridge

The brick arches wing and parapet walls of the road bridge have now been repaired by Denbighshire Council. This operation was undertaken over two separate periods in the year. The West Elevation over three weeks starting on the 28th February and the East Elevation finishing on the 21st October. As scaffold was erected over the track a diesel loco was stabled in the siding at Carrog to release the train engine. The hacking out of the defective bricks showed that the damage was further into the arch than expected when a number of layers fell out. Replacement bricks were then mortared in and pointed including the wing walls. Weep holes have been cut in the wing-walls to relieve pressure. As trains with passengers aboard have not been allowed under the bridge in its old dangerous state, the repair to the arches had to be completed before running towards Corwen could commence.

The Road Bridge at Carrog being repaired in 2011