Corwen Station

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August 2nd Extension Update

With the contractors Grosvenor Scaffolding having arrived on site last Friday and expected to commence work on the platform from Monday, it was time for a last look around the station site.The track bed is looking impressive now the tamper has had a first run along the new section from Bonwm halt.

Let's hope the reccuring question....when are the trains coming to Corwen? will soon be answered.

Looking along the temporary platform site.

Looking east towards Carrog.

The route to the nature reserve seen here has been seeded with wild flowers.

Looking towards the phase 2 site with a growing stock pile of materials.

Beyond Bridge 31 and more materials are stacked in readiness for the phase 2 and a proper station.

Road and Rail

Looking towards the Corwen approach and one of several great locations for photographers.

Approaching Bridge 29 and the station site.

Wednesday 6th August 2014

A very sunny wednesday afternoon and after three days the scaffolding has grown to around 50 feet in length and the wooden decking is expected to be delivered to Carrog station sometime this evening.

On the 8th August 2014 the Llangollen Railway ran a 6 car dmu along the newly laid extension to Corwen as a gauging trial prior to reopening. apart from construction trains this is the 1st stock along this section since demolition trains in 1968/69.

Saturday August 16th and the contractors are working on the final 10 metres of scaffolding which should be completed by midweek next week.

The boarding and cladding of the platform should take another 3 weeks to complete.

To the left of the scaffolding as seen on the bottom right picture is where the 38m ramp off the platform will be sited.

The walkway from the Carpark has recently received new signage, further enhancing this area which is split between a community orchard and a meadow.

Wednesday 20th August 2014

A cloudy and showery Wednesday morning in Corwen to view the progress at the platform site. The scaffolding is now complete and a start has been made on the decking although there was nobody on site during my visit.

This platform is expected to be in place for two years while a new station is built further west next to the Carpark.


Under bridge 29 and 3 years apart...quite a difference!

Saturday/Sunday 23rd/24th August 2014

Saturday and Sunday morning saw both volunteers and the scaffolding contractors at the platform site.

The scaffolding for the ramp down from the platform is expected to take around 1-2 weeks.

Above pics (taken with a mobile phone once again, hence the poor quality) showing the graded slope from the main platform which will turn down towards the fence, then turn left and end roughly near to the tree which will be the new entrance as seen in the pic above right.

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Sunday 31st August 2014

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Another early morning visit to see the progress made at the Corwen east platform site.

The timber decking as seen above is in place but not yet fixed to the scaffolding.

Work is still ongoing with the ramp off the platform to ground level.


Looking towards the entrance to the platform before it receives an new all weather path.

The entrance to the platform has this week been given a layer of ballast.

For those who are still wondering how far it is to walk to the town from the platform....it's a five minute stroll.