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August Extension Update.

August arrives and with it some developments at Bonwm. Deliveries of bottom ballast have commenced and contractor Arwel Dolben has not been slow in spreading it out up to a point within a few yards of the gated access point at Bonwm. Also of note is that a few panels of track have been laid but as yet not bolted or clipped.

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Bridge 27 and the newly ballasted section.

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Friday afternoon at Bonwm and Percy is on hand to oversee two deliveries of base ballast totalling 56 tonnes from Crewe.

Transport was provided by Williams Haulage of Cynwyd.

The last few days have seen Dave with the JCB Load all taking sleepers from the stack and placing them alongside the track bed as far as over Bridge 28

In the past week there have been more deliveries of base ballast to Bonwm from Crewe. The JCB load-all which was on loan has now gone back.

Once the track has been laid as far as the entrance to Bonwm then it is expected that volunteers will switch to laying track from Bridge 28 back towards Bonwm.

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It is expected that track laying will resume Tuesday 3rd September and continue on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays until they reach Corwen.

A total of 200 pairs of rail have been placed along side the track bed, with a further 50 pairs available which can be used for a run round loop.

Once track has been laid to Bonwm gates then the hard work of cutting rail will stop as there follows an 0.9  mile of straight track bed .......almost to Corwen itself.


Underbridge 29 will be treated in the near future with a new concrete saddle. The material is fibre re-enforced concrete (FRC).

FOC helped by collecting together and cleaning a number of bricks for bridge 29 and have offered bricks from the  Carrog Station stock (salvaged ex Weston Sub-Edge and Trevor with Corwen in mind early 1990s)

drain cover1

Arwel Dolben has this week installed more drainage beyond overbridge 28.

Also, Steve Jones has been busy today repairing underbridge 28.


Saturday 31st August and another 60' section laid and ready for bolting and clipping.

Onwards towards Bonwm Halt.

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To end the month, above are two pictures taken during the Autumn Steam Gala west of Carrog Station. Two Manors double heading.

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