Corwen Station

Promoting the town of Corwen -

 its rich history and its Railway


The Station Today

Following winter flooding in and around Corwen late 1964 the station was closed. The mid 1970's saw the demolition of some of the buildings and the trackbed filled in.

Around 1980 the station was bought by Ifor Williams Trailers and left for a further 10 years before more demolition including the station canopy and the central part of the main station building.


Corwen Station in 1999 showing the gap between the wings prior to remodelling & below is a more recent view.


The original canopy support pillars have been incorporated into the new design. (see 1976 photo).


Looking east with the platform edging slabs still in place.

Image14 Image11 Image12

The site of the Gents urinals

Image13 Image9 corwen 1900 original bracket