Corwen Station

Promoting the town of Corwen -

 its rich history and its Railway


Why is the Phase 1 Station only temporary?

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) has only given conditional authorisation for the phase 1 temporary platform now being built; It can only be operational for a limited period as a terminus. One of the reasons for this is the need for engines to "Run Around" that is, move from the front of the train to the rear.

This is not possible on the site of the temporary platform; there is insufficient room to construct the necessary facilities and the gradient on which the temporary platform is constructed is also unacceptable in the long term.

"Run Around" is necessary because the engine should be at the front of the train facing the direction of travel. ORR has allowed the temporary propelling of the train back towards Carrog as an interim arrangement until the run round loop is provided on the phase 2.

Phase 1 means having the Railway operating to Corwen this year.

The beneficial effect of the Railway arriving in Corwen is potentially huge; based on recent passenger figures an estimated 150,000+ passengers annually could arrive and spend time and money in the town, in reality we expect that figure to increase by around 30%. It will also give the opportunity for visitors to arrive in Corwen and board the train for a trip to Llangollen.

Both arrivals on the train and the visitors arriving by other means will boost the opportunities for Corwen to benefit financially from the influx of visitors.

Retail outlets will have the opportunity to attract the extra visitors into the shops; Restaurants, Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B establishments will also benefit.

Much work has already been done on highlighting the historical and other attractions in the area but without a means of bringing visitors in little will change; the opportunity for regeneration will be lost.

Coach parties will have the potential of bringing their customers directly to Corwen. With the development of phase 2 this will be more attractive to the travel companies as the access to the railway will be considerably more convenient for their customers. The temporary platform is somewhat less convenient,

particularly for less able people eg. the elderly, the disabled. Corwen, with the development of phase 2 will provide a superior access point to the railway than that available at Llangollen.

The temporary platform is a good walk from the town centre (pleasant in the good weather) and a visit to the town will be less appealing than a walk from the phase 2 development.

This will be a potential loss of customers for the town's retail outlets, coach parties arriving and individuals joining the railway at the Corwen end of the line.

Their stay in the town will be enhanced by the convenience offered by the development of phase 2.

We have already received enquiries from a London based travel company expressing a desire to bring an excursion into Corwen, another potential for increased passenger numbers; this can only be sustained with the development of phase 2 and the necessary facilities and the imaginative concepts that go with it.

A train standing in the phase 2 platform will encourage casual visitors to Corwen to board the train; it will draw visitors in, it will be a place to stop, not a place to pass through, it will be a destination.

A phase 2 station would be the hub of interest, the site of the temporary platform could be peripheral.


Notice installed by the Extension Project Group at the phase 2 boundary.

March 2014