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Promoting the town of Corwen -

 its rich history and its Railway


Welcome to ‘Corwen Station-New’ (created April 2010).


This web-site sets out to promote the town of Corwen  and the Dee Valley as the destination for the Llangollen Railway's next extension and to generate essential interest and support from the local business and resident communities.


In addition to providing an insight into the fascinating history of the Town, its railway heyday and subsequent dissolution, it will plot progress towards a new Corwen Station, which it is hoped will be a reality within the next few years.


 In answer to the most frequent of questions we should like to clarify the following:













As always the 98% volunteer Llangollen Railway is contributing the lion’s share having built the temporary Station and now the permanent one where none existed before. Obviously this is a much greater task than the restorations of existing stations previously undertaken on the line. This is in addition to rebuilding and maintaining an increasing mileage of infrastructure, expanding of the Railway’s engineering base and operating its vintage train fleet to an extended timetable.


It follows therefore that interested parties now seeking the return of a fully functional Corwen Central Station should be assisting Llangollen Railway in every way possible with the project, whilst ensuring that ex-railway land and structures that could be put back to productive use are protected.


The out of print publications ‘Corwen Trail’, ‘Rails to Corwen’ and 'Corwen Chronicles' are reproduced. (see history section).


We are very interested in old documents and photographs of Corwen to add to the portfolio.

Concrete footing in progress for island platform south elevation.


The above promotional leaflet originated and maintained by Friends of Carrog Station was placed on the Corwen Post Office notice board in 2010.


Latest site updates


New Corwen Central Station under construction 2016/2018

1. In the decades following the ‘Beeching’ closures instead of being saved for the restored Llangollen and Corwen Railway (1975) the original road accessible Station and Yard complexes were divided up and sold off for development (see maps and pictures). As a result instead of restoring an existing station the Railway is now faced with the very much greater task of building a completely new station where none existed before. The site identified under the 2011 Works Order is the old railway embankment some 400 yards east of the original Station.

Readers will note the readiness of the extended car and coach parks, public toilets, bus route hub, historic town square and A5 trunk road junction all adjacent to the new Corwen Central Station site.

2. Works are in progress for the new station including groundworks, access subway, stair-well, easy access path, new sewage works road, buildings, island platform and track-works including head-shunt, run-round loop and signalling. Please refer to the monthly reports in the updates section.

3. To achieve the earliest possible re-opening of steam train services to Corwen a temporary station was built (opened October 2014) 700 yards east of the original Station and clear of the sewage works road currently blocking the track-bed.

museum3 muslog

station staff visiting the new museum 21st March 2015

Opening hours are weekends 11.00  am - 3.30 pm when the railway operates only, also Railway Special Events & Bank Holidays.


















More details can be found on Llangollen Railways website events page.


Subway concreting complete at Corwen Central August 2016.

Corwen Central station Doc5-page0001

Corwen Central Station layout (PDF).

gj1608-corwen-central-4 0001 DSCF3901 Image17

Santa Special 2016

Santa makes a special visit each Christmas to the Llangollen Railway.

Your decorated steam train will transport you in style from Llangollen Station to Carrog (renamed Lapland for Santa’s visit).

Santa will give each good boy and girl a special gift on the journey & the adults onboard receive a mince pie & a tipple from Santa’s Little Helpers.